Quick Draw: Wild West Experience

When is this experience?

This experience occurs at different dates throughout the year. Please check the booking form below for dates.

Where is this experience happening?

This experience occurs in Essex: Skreens Park Activity Centre, Skreens Park Road. Roxwell. Essex. CM1 4NL

About the Experience

Calling all Outlaws and Bounty Hunters! It is time for some gun slingin’, quick drawin’ action for our latest Experience Day here in Essex! The Western genre is timeless be it classic John Wayne or maybe playing Red Dead, which is why we are excited to offer this new activity.

Introducing the Wild West Shooting Experience, the opportunity to unleash your inner cowboy or girl, to pick up and experience some of the most iconic “Guns that Won the West” from the Colt “Peacemaker” to the lever action Winchester rifle!

Legal and safe, these are high quality replicas mimicking the originals with similar weights, mechanisms and even the loading process is the same! The only difference is the bang, although ours have a very satisfying crack there is no gun powder involved leaving only smiles and satisfaction as you hit the trick shot targets. These co2 guns are reliable and possibly more accurate than the originals so you’ll be hitting the targets in no time!

One of the best parts about this experience is that it is held under cover on an enclosed range making it easily a year round activity!

In addition we have items of costume available for you to either look the part while shooting or pose for a photo to show your friends!


What to expect

1.5 hours of Wild West fun
Shoot replicas of the most iconic guns from the Wild West
All PPE is provided
Learn to shoot accurately before challenging yourself against some Wild West themed games
Costume is available for those who want to look the part for a photo!
wild west experience

Pricing & Booking

£49 including all ammo

Who is this experience for?

Weekend Warriors: Those wanting to get away from the office life into the countryside and take part in something adventurous

Learners & Enthusiasts: Calling both the scholars and geeks alike, looking for a taste of adventure and a hint of skill

Fanatics & Perfectionists: The chance to practice and refine, win the competition and take home a prize!

Lone rangers: Individuals looking to meet new people, everyone will be welcomed and encouraged

Good to know

Age: This activity is suitable for ages 10+
Timing: Plan to spend 1.5 hours on site including introductions
Outdoors: Please wear suitable footwear for the time of year and for walking on natural surfaces
Under Cover: This activity takes place under a shelter, please wear clothes warm enough for the time of year
Safe & Legal: We use Co2 powered replicas so all the fun and the closest experience to the real thing!

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