The Outlaw: Archery Tasters

When is this experience?

This experience occurs multiple times a year.

Please check the booking form for Experience Date(s).

Where is this experience happening?

Skreens Park Activity Centre, Skreens Park Road. Roxwell. Essex. CM1 4NL

About the Experience

Tap into your inner hero as you explore the folk law of heroic and charismatic outlaws standing up for what is right and demonstrating amazing skills with one of the oldest tools known to man!

Archery is primeval having been around for approx 64,000 years but it is the medieval archer along side tales of Robin Hood that really cement it into our minds.

Our Archery Taster sessions are your ultimate destination to immerse you in everything that is traditional archery. We are proud to offer you the unforgettable chance to shoot our handmade English longbows. These bows legendary in the hands of medieval snipers, we are offering you the opportunity to feel the adrenaline rush of letting your arrows fly into the air while challenging yourself against various targets.

In addition to our English Longbows you will find different types of traditional bows for you to try to really immerse yourself within this world of heritage archery


What to expect

Up to 2 hours of traditional (awesome) archery
Full tuition and safety equipment provided, you will be hitting the targets within 3 rounds!
Hand made English longbows for you to try as standard
Shoot at various targets including long ranges to let your arrows really fly!
Prizes available for competition winners!

Pricing & Booking

£49 per person

Who is this experience for?

Weekend Warriors: Those wanting to get away from the office life into the countryside and take part in something adventurous

Learners & Enthusiasts: Calling both the scholars and geeks alike, looking for a taste of adventure and a hint of skill

Fanatics & Perfectionists: The chance to practice and refine, win the competition and take home a prize!

Lone wolves and pack animals: Individuals looking to meet new people, everyone will be welcomed and encouraged


Good to know

Outdoors: Please wear suitable footwear for the time of year and for walking on natural surfaces
Weather: Please dress to embrace the Great British weather!
Timing: Plan to spend 2 hours on site including introductions and prize giving
Age: This activity is suitable for ages 8+

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