Battle of Crecy: 1346 Experience

When is this experience?

This experience occurs at different dates throughout the year. Please check the booking form below for dates

Where is this experience happening?

This experience occurs in Essex: Skreens Park Activity Centre, Skreens Park Road. Roxwell. Essex. CM1 4NL

About the Experience

The year is 1346, Edward III of England (the Rightful King of France) has declared war on his cousin Philip starting a period we know as The Hundred Year War. After a successful naval victory Edward returns to England and prepares for his invasion.

Philip is quietly confident, he has the man power, alleys and mercenaries but what he doesn’t have is Edward’s secret weapon…

Journey with us to the past for an adventure like no other! A full day of shooting our hand made English longbows, competing for points for a prize, embracing a long the way what it means to be a soldier in the Medieval armies.

This English longbow archery experience day is like no other, you will come face to face with challenges, characters and even authentic food.

Stand shoulder to shoulder with the King as your hurl your arrows at the enemy, become rich or die trying, we will surely sing songs of your bravery!



What to expect

A full day outside immersing yourself in History
Full tuition and friendly competition with some of the most iconic Medieval activities
Costumed characters guiding you through your experience
An authentic hot soldier's lunch is provided
All PPE included in addition to some basic costume to wear
Free parking on site
Arriving in costume is encouraged and part of the fun!

Pricing & Booking

£149 per person

Who is this experience for?

Thrill Seekers & Adventurers

History nerds & Weekend Warriors

Social Packs & Lone Wolves

The Slightly Unhinged

Theatre lovers & LARPers

Beginners & Enthusiasts

Good to know

Outdoors: Enjoy the wonderful countryside and please wear appropriate footwear for natural surfaces
Weather conditions: The Experience will operate regardless of the Great British weather so please dress appropriately for being outside in the elements
Refreshments: We provide lunch and some light refreshments, additional cold drinks etc can be purchased at the site shop
Age: This activity is suitable for ages 8+
Costume: Extra points are awarded to those who come dressed up, it is part of the fun!

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